Finding myself published…

Finding myself published and out there on the bookshelves, sends me into a whirlpool of clashing emotions. Most of them are incredibly exciting. Some of them are overwhelming and a few disappointing…if I allow them to be.

My launch day is now around the corner and I find myself mulling. Thoughts take shape in my Pooh-like brain and I offer them to you this morning.

Whatever is happening, stay in the moment and enjoy the journey.
Embrace the success and give yourself a pat on the back.
When a door opens gently, go through it. When it is jammed shut, walk away and try another.
Don’t wear yourself out trying to reach the top of the ladder. It will happen, when it happens.
Let go of your expectations. Everyone around you reacts differently. Put no pressure on your loved ones.
Stay grounded, stay humble and be grateful for the tribe you have gathered around you. Make sure your “everybody” circle is made up of real friends who celebrate you. (Thank you Martha Beck – my ultimate guru.)
You have already achieved something magical. Stop and be truly grateful, before you race on 🙂

Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated.

Keep it real!

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