Monday Motivation: The acidic voice of AA Gill

A classic read!


12-januaryI want to talk about voice today; the voice, specifically, of a dead restaurant reviewer who developed his very idiosyncratic, caustic manner into an art so addictive that hardly anyone read his columns for the actual restaurant advice he dispensed, sometimes in the last couple of paragraphs of his review.

His name was AA Gill. He was the restaurant critic for the London Sunday Times (among other publications). He died this week quite suddenly after announcing just three weeks ago that he was suffering from “an embarrassment of cancer.”

So there will be no more of his reviews – although his incomparable voice is captured in a rich archive that we can, thanks to the internet, access at will.

I want to look at just one of his reviews today, one he wrote some five years ago, about a restaurant called The Medlar.

It kicks off with reflections about his…

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