As 2016 races towards a close and my life is on a fast forward trajectory, I thought of you – the people who have added such value to my journey. Thank you!

Thank you to the girls of Loreto Hillcrest Pretoria, 1972. Although we were labelled a “naughty class” we were actually smart, courageous, loyal to each other and basically pretty awesome all round. I hold you all in my heart.

To my friends from Rhodes 1973 to 1976 – you were there for me when I was still struggling to grow up! Rhodes was a long way from home and an unbelievable learning curve. New friends, fun, Rag and fancy Balls, sometimes interfered with lectures and assignments. I stumbled along the way at times, but you were there to pick me up and dust me off. Thank you. Those who left this planet early, you are in my heart forever.

The young lawyers and their vast group of friends in the Pretoria of 1977 – thank you for showing me my hometown from a totally different perspective. I never knew what a party place it actually was 🙂 Papageorge Communications kept my feet on the ground and gave me a chance to cover Noristan’s news as a fledgling reporter. My gratitude!

UCT introduced me to the world of education. I was privileged to be in the HDE class of 1978 and watched in wonder as so many of you reached the pinnacles of your careers in teaching and rugby 🙂 I do remember a few friends who wrote the rugby couching exam four times…

Thank you to my special colleagues and pupils at the many schools I taught at in Cape Town and the surrounds. Each experience added to my growth and skills. I learnt more than you did, my much loved pupils!

UCT and CPUT opened up a new career path. Thank you for propelling me forward and smartening up my very basic computer skills along the way.

My life circle was enriched even more by my nuclear family, Hanns, Kirsten and our zoo 🙂 Mothers from Montessori, Llandudno primary and Springfield high school added to the tapestry. Thank you for all the teas, chats, lifts and parties!

“The Monthlies” writing group, Allaboutlove, Allaboutwriting and Cactus Rain Publishing opened up the writing world for me. Jacana publishing – a special thank you to you for encouraging me to be tenacious, many years ago. Thank you too, to Exclusive Books at Cavendish Square. Nomaswazi and John, you gave me your precious time and specially chosen words. Bless you 🙂 I am humbled by the generosity of you all.

Thank you for my amazing life with you all. I hope to continue this journey with you by my side. I’ll be at yours 🙂


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