Down the rabbit hole…

…and into a whole new world of Amazon

Who would have thought?  Here I was, plodding along in my old fashioned world, when Amazon entered my life! One click and you swirl down and come out in a fantasy wonderland.  Where have I been and why haven’t I noticed the secret entrance?

Amazon makes it so easy, that even I feel like I’ve grasped this modern concept.  No wonder my daughter shops online for just about everything.  If you click on a book for example, it rotates at a gentle tap so that you can see the back cover too. You can even read a few pages to see if it really is the novel you’d like for Christmas.

So, expect some new and exciting presents this year my loved ones.  The world of Amazon has awakened the child in me and that can only mean trouble 🙂

Have the best festive season ever and if you haven’t done so already, take a peek at this 21st Century world.  It could just change your life !




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