and Under the African Sun

It’s up!  Early too 🙂

Amazon has launched Under the African Sun and CactusRainPublishing will do so any day now. It feels surreal and I need to let my feet sink into a patch of grass here at the Southern Tip.

Today is the start of a new journey and one which I am uber-excited to be on. Champagne is on ice and I can hardly wait for my daughter to perform her sword trick on the cork!  If you have a glass in your hand – I’m clinking it with you virtually.


A toast to the CactusRain team and the whole Allaboutwriting family.  I am extremely lucky to have found my tribe within your amazing circles.

Another to my reviewers, Peter Sullivan, Jo-Anne Richards, Richard Beynon, Marie-Anne Ogle, Gillian Gilbride and to those still to come.

And a third to my family and friends all over the planet 🙂  Thank you for reading my story. It’s straight from my heart to yours.



Under the African Sun is a tale about that desperate time just after university when career choices are made intertwined with mating matters – love, desire, work, all jostle for time and space. Gail Gilbride’s new novel puts the puzzle pieces of a young graduate’s love life into a swirl of emotion and choice, set on South Africa’s 1970s stage with the grim backdrop of apartheid’s security police looming. Fresh, entertaining, emotional and enjoyable, this old-fashioned love story with a twist is a delight to read.
Peter Sullivan, former Editor of The Johannesburg Star.  

In her story of love in a time of turmoil, Gail Gilbride has captured the fear, the excitement, the danger of a country on the brink. Through a young woman’s coming of age, she documents also that of a society.

Dr Jo-Anne Richards – Award winning author and mentor at Allaboutwriting 

Gail Gilbride’s Under the African Sun asks whether love can survive the turmoil and ideological confusion of South Africa’s political liberation. The answers it provides are both provocative and inspiring.

Richard Beynon – Award winning script writer and mentor at Allaboutwriting


A hauntingly beautiful love story set against difficult times in South Africa. I carry it with me in my heart.

Marie-Anne Ogle –Communication Skills lecturer at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

A love story like this definitely needs to be shared.  Deborah is a character I think so many people can relate to. It’s great that in the story she accepts herself the way she is – starts writing what she wants to write – and becomes stronger. And that throughout those years of turmoil she retains her kindness and follows her heart. Though life dealt her and Chris a terrible blow, at the end the reader feels like both of them know they had something very special and will be okay. What I have got from your story is a reminder that love is such a gift.

Gillian Gilbride  – First class flight attendant and part-time recruiter at Etihad Airlines. 







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