The Proof is in the Post!

No really! It is in the post as of a few hours ago and it’s winging its way down to the Southern tip of Africa as we speak.

If you’ve written anything, that has been published anywhere, you’ll know what I mean, when I say that holding that smooth book in your hand for the first time, is the most incredible feeling you’ll ever have!  Your story has finally come to term. It has taken on life and you are about to catapult it into the world…well your world at least. That is mind boggling. It also brings its own fears. This is your newborn. It will expose your deepest, darkest secrets. It will grow and develop a life of its own.  You no longer have control over other people’s interpretations of it, which may even surprise or shock you.

Its scary!

But it’s also a gift.  It’s your gift to yourself and your readers. You have told your story the best way you know how. It may not all be true but it is certainly emotionally so. Your heart has opened up and you find yourself stripped of all pretense. No Venetian masks now, no velvet cloaks to hide a multitude of secrets…Now its up to your readers to enjoy, make up their own minds about the characters, feel what they choose to feel. It’s the end of your  amazing journey. It’s time to sink your feet into the sand and quaff that glass of bubbly.  It’s time for celebration and reflection.

For me, its also a time to reach out for my own tribe of family and friends.  A pause to feel my roots and ground myself.. A moment to say thank you to each and every one of you. I wouldn’t be here, if you were not there.

So I salute you and hold you close to my heart.  I feel blessed to have you in my life and hope that you’ll be there for the next part of my journey.

I’ll certainly be there for yours 🙂


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