Under The African Sun lifts off in early December 2016!

It’s official.  In about six or seven weeks, Under the African Sun (yes, it’s changed) will be launched on CactusRainPublishing’s website. Creative angel, Nadine Laman, is putting the final touches to the work and once her eagle eye is satisfied, the proof copy will wing its way from Arizona to Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Of course there will be a launch party here and if you are in the area, I hope you’ll come and enjoy some bubbly.  The details will follow in the next few weeks. It will be the best Christmas present I have ever received and I invite you to share in my delight.

Was it easy to get here? I’d love to pretend and say YES. But actually it wasn’t.  It took a lot of hard work, not only on my part.  allaboutwriting’s duo of Dr Jo-Anne Richards and Mr Richard Beynon, played a huge role in mentoring me all along the way.  Sometimes I needed a kind, encouraging word and at other times a swift kick up the backside did the trick. I truly believe there is no other mentoring team in the world, to touch them!

There was a little bit of luck along the way and that came in the form of CactusRainPublishing, in Arizona.  Why did I send my manuscript all the way to Arizona? To be honest I was attracted by the name.  But then further exploring confirmed my initial feelings about the publishing house. I knew I had found a home for my story and hoped against hope that they would share my feelings. One deep breath and my first three chapters flew off into the ether. And that was it? Not exactly. Nadine Laman knew exactly what was needed to transform my MS into a publishable novel. I followed her suggestions to the letter!  Did I stumble along the way? Of course I did. I had a story to tell, but a lot to learn before it could happen.

A year almost to the day that our communication began, I opened my mail, read Nadine’s offer of a contract and promptly levitated above my bed!  Needless to say that precious contract is framed and glanced at a few times a day. Can you do it? You’d better believe it! One word of caution though, there is no shortcut to being published.

Is it worth all the slog?



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