Random Acts of Kindness

Last year, I decided to rethink my contributions to charity and join the ranks of people who perform random acts of kindness instead.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for charities of every kind and giving back in anyway we can.  But for me, deciding on the spur of the moment to give the frozen car guard my monthly offering, gives me great pleasure. It goes from my hand to his and I know exactly why I’m giving it. Some months I have less to give, but I make up for it in the good ones. My regular offerings go to street musicians and pavement artists, because they brighten up my day. Promoting literacy is also close to my heart, as is giving children the gift of dance. There are so many reasons to give and so many ways to do it. I’m not claiming to change the world. I’m no big deal. Sometimes I am changing someone’s day though and that’s an awesome thought. It also radically changes my day! Do you have to be wealthy to give a little? Definitely not. Don’t wait until you are rich, to be generous 🙂

And open your heart to everyone out there, ’cause poverty does not have a colour and you’ll find it in the most unexpected places…

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