Signed, sealed and on its way.

“Is Arizona a state?”


I glance at my friend MO, for confirmation.  She nods and googles it anyway, for good measure.  The young assistant is hesitant. She doesn’t seem familiar with the form. Panic rises in my throat, as I smile reassuringly at her.

“Put some more sellotape on the envelope please.”

Thank goodness for MO overseeing this, as my brain has now turned to mashed potato.

“How long will it take to get the States?”

“Monday. It’ll be there by Monday.”

I watch my contract being weighed and then landing in a pile of other envelopes.

“That’s very important.”

MO is watching our assistant like a hawk. The young woman hovers her pen over the next section. I spell my name, but she is too overwhelmed to catch it. MO addresses her again.

“It’s a publishing contract.  For a book, you know.”

Now other people in the Postnet are staring at me. I try to look like an author in the wings, but I feel like a little girl wearing grown up clothes.

“Meet me at the bottom of the escalator.”

MO vanishes and I gather my bits and pieces, to stuff back into my bag. I sneak one last glance at my envelope, before I make my way to the entrance. Arizona is a state,right?  It’s next to California. I should have paid more attention in those Geography lessons after all.

MO is waving a present at me from the bottom of the escalator.  “Congratulations!”  She’s jumping up and down on the spot. I step on and glide into a new world. Remember that old saying; “Today is the first day of the rest of your life?” Well I’ve got news for you…It really is!

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