2016 – Keeping it real!

My New Year’s resolution is to keep things real, here on the Southern Tip of Africa.

So what does that mean?

Well, for me it’s to be 100% authentic, 24/7.  Sounds simple enough…for most people.  But not for me.  I’m not saying, I’m not for real or that I am the big pretender.  I’m saying that for a serial people pleaser, keeping myself authentic can sometimes be a challenge.

What can I do about it?  I can make time to centre myself every day and if need be, nip to the loo for a secret top up.  I can try to make decisions that resonate and feel right for me.  I can still say yes, if it feels right but I’m going to practice saying no kindly, when it doesn’t.  I’m not going to metamorph into a cold-hearted, nasty piece of toxic waste.  (Please prod me if I do!) But I am going to try and live my own truth, take back my own power and find out who the hell I really am and what I am supposed to be doing on this crazy planet 🙂

I often experience the incredible lightness of being, but this year I am aiming for always.  Being part of the 7 thousand plus, New Year’s revellers at Kirstenbosch Gardens, affirmed my resolve.  Divine company, good food and bubbly, a threatening sky relenting and giving way to a star studded heaven and then Jeremy Loops rocking us into 2016… real enough to begin my journey!

Here’s to an authentic trip through a magical 2016 🙂

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