This year, my Christmas drive does not involve any cash contribution (unless of course you’d like to anyway.)

From 1 December up until and beyond Christmas, I plan to perform a small act of kindness every day. What exactly, do I mean by that? .
A week in December, for me, could be – a hot mug of coffee for the local car guard, a bag of gently worn clothes for the beggar at the robot, an apple for each grade one child at the local primary school (yes, that very poor one)  a box of new pencil crayons for the postman’s grandchild, an unexpected R50.00 tip for the nurseryman packing my boot, a blanket on a windy night for the security guard on duty in the neighbourhood, a few healthy sandwiches to a group of street kids, a helping hand across the road, for an unsteady granny…
And what will this cost me? One less brunch with friends, not buying the new turquoise costume I want, but don’t need, eating only one chop and filling up on salads, walking to buy milk and bread instead of driving, simply being aware of amazing people around me…
What do I want from you?  Nothing, except to plant a seed perhaps.  I suppose its my version of mindful living – easier said than done sometimes. So, join me if you like, in whatever way you choose. I’ve even started a little early, as I get high on the feeling 🙂
If you’re in my neck of the woods over the festive season, pop in and see me 🙂

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