Writing Workout – Show don’t Tell!



Writing Workout – show don’t tell!



Vonnie covered her glass with her hand but not soon enough to prevent red wine sloshing over the Persian carpet.  She eyed him nervously.  She knew what he was about to say.

“I don’t know why you are always so suspicious. Jen’s my PA for God’s sake. Why should she be anything else?”

Leon’s palm slammed onto the Stinkwood table. The crockery tinkled precariously.

“I can’t take any more of this bullshit.  I should do some work anyway.  Still got some reports to finish.”

When he turned to go, she hesitated before she put her hand on his arm.

“What’s actually wrong Leon?”

He turned away from her and then suddenly swung to face her, eyes flaring angrily.

“I know what you want Jen.  You want this marriage thing. You think living together is a cop out. But that’s so old-fashioned, so 1950’s…  You should know by now that that is not what I’m into. I’m quite shocked at your conservatism.  You didn’t say any of this when you moved in with me.”

Vonnie felt the knife in her gut.  Her eyes pricked and she pressed them back with a palm.

“I never said anything Leon…”

He pushed her hand away.

“You didn’t have to.”

She cradled her wine glass and then filled it up when he left the room.  When the study lights were out, she waited outside the bedroom door until she heard him snoring.  Then she crept in on her side. He jerked his leg back so that it didn’t touch hers. She wiped a tear away as she curled up in a ball.

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