On turning 60…

It’s official! I have entered this next decade and it is slowly dawning on me that I am actually 60 years old.  Yes, it is the new 40 and I feel young and full of life.  But it is still a sobering thought.  I should grow up a bit.  My bikini needs to go to a new home, finally.  My next LBN will definitely have sleeves 🙂 I really need to lose the ‘little girl lost’ image and invest in some grown up fire-engine red lipstick.

I also feel free.  I’ve reached this milestone, ticked some of the right boxes, been the quintessential “good girl,” achieved some, if not all, of the things I wanted to…  But my bucket list is growing longer, not shorter and there are some pretty active things on it.  No time to waste.  It feels like a good time to rebel a little.  I forgot to do that earlier on in my life, but it’s never too late 🙂

So who wants to join me in mastering the Tango, swimming with wild dolphins, learning to ride a horse, dancing on a stage at least one more time and meeting the gorillas?  Shout quickly if you’re joining me, as time is of the essence.

You can even join me, if you haven’t achieved the big 6 0 yet!


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