On this Mandela Day…

On this Mandela Day I awoke unsure of what I should do to honour it.  Some of my youthful passion has dwindled over the years and I didn’t have it in me to go out and start something big.  So I decided to do something small.

I once read somewhere that one should always keep a R100 note in your wallet and resist the temptation of spending it just because it is there.  That way money flows towards you 🙂  But what if I took it one step further and gave my note to someone who needed it more than I did.  I earn a little money every month and often go out for coffee or breakfast with a friend.  Add a scone or a piece of cheesecake and the bill is easily just shy of R100.00.  So what if I skip one of these treats and simply give my note to someone who could really do with it?

I did.

The guard retrieved his frozen hand from his pocket and his eyes lit up the sky when I said, “Happy Mandela Day.”

His gift was greater than mine and I took his smile to bed with me.  So I’ve decided not to wait until the next Mandela Day comes around.  I’m going to keep that R100 note in my wallet until the end of every month.  And when my earnings come trickling in, I’m going to skip my coffee and cake morning and look for someone I’d really like to give it to.  I’ll choose someone who really doesn’t expect it and allow his or her smile to light up my day once again.

Giving really is the new receiving.  I dare you to try it with me 🙂

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