Why did I spend 30 years in teaching?

I often ask myself that question.  Teaching was my default career after all.  I sort of fell into it when I partied too much and flunked Journalism 101.  I always meant to go but never did.  Something kept me there and I’m still at.  Whenever I question my relevance, something comes up to remind me that every minute was so worthwhile.  This week an old pupil shared his thoughts on facebook and I’m sharing them with you…

I just experienced a moment which I’m sharing now … My appreciation goes to Mrs. Bohle. I was thinking “not one day goes by where I forget my teacher who taught me to read, write and speak. . The fundamental tools in life. This gave me the ability to comprehend and express my world from within. Even though words are not enough to describe what I’m feeling right now, I just want her to know that at the bottom of my heart, from the depths of my inner world I’m eternally grateful for your time, love and hard work. In the same breath my love and appreciation goes to my mum Valdelia for taking me to the best people and places to learn. “

2 Replies to “Why did I spend 30 years in teaching?”

  1. Tracy Todd says:

    aah, this made me all teary and smudged my make-up. Beautiful. And so special. We all need to know that we are appreciated. Clearly you made a difference. XXX


  2. Thank you, amazing lady 🙂 x

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