So far, the title of my second novel is “Shattered.” 

I’m not sure if it will stick, but it is the only title that seemed to make sense to me.  What’s it about?  Well, I’d planned it all.  My beat sheet is up on the wall and I rearrange it regularly.  Trouble is my characters have developed wills of their own.  They keep going off on side roads and I have to pant after them.  That’s the wonderful thing about writing fiction.  The ‘what if’ can take one down all sorts of tunnels. 

I’m going to do the usual blurb about my story being fictional and that any resemblance… so if you recognize yourself, trust me, it’ll be your imagination 🙂  In fact, you may see yourself in a few characters!  Impossible. I’m even seeing me in characters who are not supposed to be me at all. 

I’ve “free written” the first 10 thousand words and am about to begin on the next 10 or so.  Do I know how its going to end? Not a chance 🙂 Do you? 

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