6 weeks

Six weeks tomorrow! 

My wrist and nose have been broken and healed (mostly) in the last six weeks. 

That means that for six weeks, I haven’t driven a car, shopped at a mall, taken myself to work, popped in at a friend, dressed in anything but pull ups, cooked a meal, ironed a blouse or done anything spontaneously!  

Now that I am soooo close to “normal” I am impatient to get going.  This is the most dangerous time, because i no longer want to take things slowly! I planned to jump into my car on Monday morning and drive myself to work…until I couldn’t pick up a chicken leg in my left hand, at our final faculty meeting.  Okay  –  so reversing out of my garage could be problematic! 

I am known for my patience, but this test has gone for way too long. Do I have any option? Nope. I’ll take a deep breath and carry on counting my blessings.  It could have been worse. A lot worse. Well that’s what my ENT said, anyway.  A slightly skew nose makes my face quirkier I guess. And a jaggedy scar along my arm will certainly be a conversation starter at future cocktail parties. (I’m hoping to still crack an invite or two…) 

Roll on the rest of November. I’ll be learning the tango by December 🙂 

2 responses to “6 weeks”

  1. Great to find your blog Gail. And so sorry you have been in the wars – a nightmare to be unable to function properly for so long – especially for those of us who can’t think without all ten fingers on a keyboard. I eagerly await the You Tube of you dancing the tango …


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