Why write anyway?

“…rings on her fingers and bells on her toes

She shall have music wherever she goes! ”

So… I’m back on the horse.  First assignment for allaboutwriting has been sent and is in the ether as we speak.

And funnily enough it did involve a horse this time.  Have you ever tried to write a mythological story?   Just off the top of your head?

Give it a try.  You’ll surprise yourself.

You may wonder why I take the trouble to sign up for a writing course and grab bits of spare time to finish assignments.  Well I’ll tell you.  As soon as I sit down to write, a new, secret world, opens up.  Long forgotten memories find themselves pushing each other aside to make it onto the page first.  Words I haven’t used in years, suddenly pop up in my mind and seem to make sense in my sentences.  Dreams re-appear and wriggle their way into a story that had nothing to do with them.  If I didn’t know what I was really thinking, or feeling for that matter, I do as soon as my thoughts start tumbling onto the page in front of me.  Writing is real.  Its exciting.  It takes me somewhere between the mind and the soul. Its free-ing. Therapeutic. Magical. Inspiring.  Its my life projected into a world of “what ifs.”

…and the worst nightmare – my worst nightmare… is writer’s block, which I’m about to kick under my bed and let it gather dust for a very long time.

You should try it sometime.  Writing that is 🙂

3 responses to “Why write anyway?”

  1. I wouldn’t wonder why you’d sign up at all I’m just so glad you have and a little envious too! Brilliant, and I look forward to more posts which I hope will inspire me to ‘get back on that horse’ too.


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